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Our Digital Newspaper is full of interactive features to engage and delight news lovers. Each publication includes several features that enhance your reading and sharing experience.


Save articles for future reference. Using our tool you’re able to create as many Collections of stories as you like.


Love an article? Share it! You can get a direct link to an article, post it on Facebook and Twitter, email it or copy it onto a note-taking app.


On-demand narration is a great feature for users who like to listen to their magazine while multitasking or who are visually impaired.


Print articles and crosswords anytime you need.


Download your digital edition on mobile device and read it anywhere.


Receive an email alert as soon as the current issue of your favourite publication is available.


Yesterday’s paper or other back issues are just a click away.


Our new tool offers instant translation in up multiple languages for most articles and even full publications.


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